tat.sache – A fact. The point in thinking that fires one‘s imagination. Facts? At first glance they are proven circumstances. And if you look closer, they offer the chance to do new things with them. A solution? That is the moment that wets the appetite for new questions. tat.sache? The agency for expeditions, that start at so called facts and simplifies and simply does things in a different way.

A beginning


There are many ways and options. We allow ideas to spread, to cross-link in order to drive and propell new ideas. Within and to a broad network that we offer to you in detail as well as a whole.


It is knowledge that combines and connects. For example target group analyses, market potentials and competitor analyses. A knowledge that we bring into the common dialogue with you from the very beginning. Within the analysis, the consultancy and whereever you are seeking for success.

Point to point

Yes, but with the awareness that every point has and opens up numerous directions. In that sense we search, form and draft the basis for the strategy within a process relying on dialogue. To adress people and to gain markets.


To us that is another word for concept. It ties all possible perspectives. Target oriented. For the integrated solution as well as for a single communicative measure.

Everything? Everything!

Concepts can be realised this way or that way or even different. If the concept is set we go into detail. In order to generate maximum torque.


A concept is a concept is a concept … until it becomes a fact. Even then, when realising it, we diligently and specifically cultivate the detail as well as the ensemble. By ourselves or with selected partners. Being responsible and being your contact.

The final step

It is always the first one for the next concept. For ideas that do not take a rest. But rather grow and lead the way. With value added for our customers, their targets and their success.