#11 One of a kind

On Easter Sunday, the 12th Aril 2020, one man died who, as a racing driver, survived a period in which it was not a matter of course to get out of the car unharmed after every race: Sir Stirling Moss. I had the honour of meeting

#8 The empty shell of individuality

The reason to write this story has been a quotation from Róisín Murphy. The former singer of the British-Irish duo "Moloko" said: We are so focused on being different that we don’t see what binds us any more. Does the pursuit of individuality really lead to

#7 The return of old age

Where does it come from, this love for "old" things - or the things we regard as being old? Every year there are more and more historic vehicles on the streets, it is hip to transform old motorcycles into rolling works of art of all

#6 European Cultural Heritage Year 2018

Today, the European cultural heritage year 2018 will be officially opened by Minister of State Monika Grütters (CDU) in the city hall in Hamburg. We created the visual identity of the national activities of this initiative of the European Commission. We are pleased that we

#4 The vessel’s rim

Today, the edge of the plate turns into the vessels' rim. Fine dust, imminent driving bans, secret collusion and fraud are terms which seem unavoidable at the moment - and who seem to become tangible – if one is looking into the vessel of Stuttgart.

#3 2017 // IT’S T.TIME

Thanks to Kais Alshaar, our Syrian trainee, we now know how tea can really taste and would like to share this secret: We start at 100 ° C and pour water over the black tea leaves

#2 Used Instructions

Recently, I discovered a box with the inscription »used instructions« with my colleague. Admittedly, I was a little surprised at the moment, and this wonder was carried to my desk. Yes, said colleague was already at workable age when it was not yet available in all offices


The idea of »TellerStory« originates from the conversion of the term »storyteller«. The storytelling, which has been stressed in the communications industry, has arrived in the cooling rack of discounters. Without history, there will soon be no pound of curd cheese on the market. No

#0 For a little reboot in between

PAUSE // RESTART. 2016 will surprise us with events, neatly intervene our synapses and call for our position. So we have developed a MEDITATION DEVICE, which also allows us to re-start mental rehearsals during the year. Take the device between thumb and index finger, gaze,