#7 The return of old age

Where does it come from, this love for “old” things – or the things we regard as being old? Every year there are more and more historic vehicles on the streets, it is hip to transform old motorcycles into rolling works of art of all kinds within the scene. „Good things – they still exist“ becomes the motto of a social movement that is committed to sustainability, prudence and a forward-looking future.

Does that also apply to people? On the job market at first glance: Yes. The employment rate for people aged 55 to 60 is higher than in all other age groups, and the unemployment rate for this group has been falling for years. Nevertheless, there are persistent prejudices such as older people being slower, that they are ill for longer when they are ill and that they are less creative. But where do all the success stories about older employees come from that even the german business magazine „Brand Eins“ has now become aware of?

Which worlds would open up if we transferred our affection for “old” things to people? Sounds very interesting to us, not least because we ourselves are getting old.